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Currently there are 25815 data records in deDICTis.


In order to get the best results, search for undeclined and uninflected forms of a word.

search for Wort, not Worte, Wortes, W÷rter etc.
search for or­, not or­s, or­a, or­in etc.

search for schreiben, not schreibst, schreibt, schrieb etc.
search for skrifa, not skrifar, skrifum, skrifa­i etc.

search for gut, not guter, gute, guten etc.
search for gˇ­ur, not gˇ­i, gott, gˇ­um etc.

If you┤re in doubt, omit letters at the end of the word.
Or use Option S (see below).

Powered by BÍN
If you search for an inflected or declined Icelandic word, and if (and only if !) the corresponding uninflected or undeclined word is available in deDICTis, the word will be suggested in the "powered by BÍN" line. This is still in an experimental state ...  


B       Displays the search term bold
T       Displays the words in the search results as hyperlinks
H       Moving the mouse over a word in the search results shows 20 entries for that word
S       Typing three letters in the search field suggests known words


If you want to help maintain the dictionary, please write me an e-mail.
Any help is welcome.

Firefox Add-On

firefox screenshot The deDICTis Firefox Add-On enables you to search deDICTis for any selected text on a webpage right from the Firefox Context Menu.
The results will be displayed in a new tab
(or previously opened tab).

Just download the add-on and drag&drop the file onto the Firefox Tools->Add-ons window.

dedictis_096.xpi Download for deDICTis Users

dedictisAdmin_096.xpi Download for Admins

(Please de-install previous versions before updating.)

IE8 Accelerator

ie8 screenshot The deDICTis IE8 Accelerator enables you to search deDICTis for any selected text on a webpage right from the IE8 Accelerator button.
The results will be displayed in a new tab.

Click here to install (Internet Explorer 8 only):




RandomViewer shows one random term at a time.
For a fullscreen experience, you can download it (click to quit).

RandomViewer in a new browser window

RandomViewer Download for Windows (zip, 900 KB)

RandomViewer Download for Mac (hqx, 3.1 MB)


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